Saturday, 27 December 2008

Being the Cause - Revisited

I was on my way to spend Boxing Day with my brother.

When the first bus arrived it was too packed full for my liking so I didn't get on board. Besides, if I caught it, I would need to change anyway. Where are all these people going on Boxing Day? Aha, there must a football match on. That's Boxing Day for you, people are either rushing to the sales or going to football matches.

When the next bus arrived it was also crowded as well but I sneaked in through the back door. During the journey, I noticed a man standing next to me looked very familiar. I asked him where I knew him from and he reminded me that we used to work together at the Personnel department at the London Fire Brigade Headquarters, over 10 years ago. He said he still worked for the Fire Brigade. I used to like chatting to this guy. I remembered he was into football. I asked him if he was off to the local stadium to watch the match and he said he was. My friend asked me if I was still passionate about writing as he remembered I was. Some things never change then.

While I was chatting to my friend, I wondered why I was seeing him now. In other words, how did I cause this to happen? Then I remembered while I was at the library two days before and the fire alarm went off, I reminisced to a friend about when I worked at the London Fire Brigade HQ. I said the fire alarm used to go off frequently, even though you would have thought the staff would know better. So that's why I've attracted this friend.

When I told my friend on the bus that I'd been thinking of the old days, he was amazed.

After my friend got off the bus, I marvelled at how my thought had arranged events. I only decided on Christmas Day to visit my brother and his family the next day. On my way to his house I stopped off at the Internet cafe for two hours, not that I needed to as I could have used my brother's computer. I had to leave the Internet shop at the right time to wait at that bus stop. If I had caught the first bus I wouldn't have seen my friend.

When I got to my brother's, he was watching football, which we watched together.

Nothing happens by chance. All experiences have their cause in me.

I am Cause.


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