Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Power of Being True to MySelf

I'm not a political activist. I'm not out there supporting or promoting any causes. I'm not interested in converting anyone to my views. I have no interest in saving the world. However, I have observed that by being true to mySelf (the ONE in all) and doing what I love, shift happens anyway. Here's one such example.

Before I left home this morning I chatted to my mother about how I like to walk through a local park near the canal. She said I had reminded her of a news item she watched recently.

About a month ago I was inspired to walk down a canal which had many cyclists. At the time the Inner Voice was using that walk to demonstrate Supply in manifestation. The moment I realised that I wasn't taking a walk down a canal path but experiencing the allness of God, my experience changed instantly. Instead of being besieged by speeding cyclists, there were now fewer cyclists and enough space for walkers and cyclists. I remember sharing my experience with my mother.

Mum said the news item she watched recently was about walkers on that same canal complaining about too many cyclists riding fast. They've now appointed a "towpath warden" to flag down speeding cyclists. Funnily enough the warden's first name is Joseph. (Here's a related news article: Canal towpath walkers and cyclists on collision course).

I believe in being true to mySelf.


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